the pathetic start of it all
the thought of slivers made her shiver
3 days in bangalore
the best thing that ever happened to me was yesterday
if only my shoes fit i could look like you
growing potatoes by the score
now we daily deal with the horror of our fucking luckiness
my pink half of the drainpipe
i am not one to know everything
there's no need to be lonely anymore
a krispy kreme outside of allentown
is it because i'm handy and know how to use a gun, or is it because I wear pants
drowning in the cesspool of earthly delights
the men there
minneapolis in the late 70's
my life as a man
otherwise i'll have to smack you around...a little
what were you thinking when you dreampt that up
burn the wagons and chain the mule
running around naked, whoopping and such-like
evidence of a low iq
is there gas in the car; yes, there's gas in the car
girls that don't talk
this box of cereal is too god damn big
do you want broth, some dog broth
just a bunch of rich kids from ct
prone to hyperbole
get down off that cross, we need the wood
darling, she means nothing to me
things fans say
things they say
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 Doug Smock

     girl with legs
     mixed media on board - 40" x 32"


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